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Think Power Hour but with Happy Hour vibes.

Together, we'll de-tangle any knotty content problems you have e.g. perhaps you're not sure:

  • What content (topics/themes) you should be creating

  • How best to approach content repurposing

  • How to differentiate your content from others

  • If you could be doing more with you're current content

  • What formats or what frequency would work best for you

  • How to create content that works for both you and your customers

This is an affordable injection of new energy and expertise to invigorate your content efforts by getting to the heart of whatever content challenge you have. I'll arm you with clarity, new ideas and direction.


1:1 Consultation: Text


Ahead of our call, I'll send you a simple questionnaire so I can jump straight into the nitty gritty with you when we speak.


A 60-90 minute energising call where we get to the heart of your question, problem, or challenge. You'll leave armed with clarity, new ideas and a focused sense of direction. Oh, and a write up of the key points - so you don't need to worry too much about taking notes during the call.

1:1 Consultation: FAQ


1:1 Consultation: Testimonials

I recently booked a Happy Hour with Rachel. I wanted some inspiration for an email series to welcome new readers who've recently signed up from a lead magnet. Rachel gave me a really valuable checklist of things to include and now I feel ready to tackle them methodically. Her helpful guidance has helped me shape the stories I want to share with my readers and how I can have a meaningful conversation with them. It's been epic!

Alana Holloway, Chronic Illness Coach

1:1 Consultation: Welcome
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