My CV showcases my 10 years of professional experience.

Take a look below at some of my most recent and favourite freelance work!


Client: SheCanCode

An organisation focused on closing the tech gender gap

  • Website copy development

  • Value proposition development

  • Digital community management and growth

  • Content strategy & planning

  • Content creation, such as:

    • Event copy 

    • Website copy 

    • Blogs & articles

Client: Imagine Mortgages

Pre-launched, social purpose led startup offering joint mortgages

  • Site structure planning

  • Content strategy & planning

  • Copy development, such as:

    • First time buyer guide

    • Core website landing pages

    • SEO Copy

    • Founders story

  • Creation of thought leadership 

  • Briefing & editing content created by 3rd parties

  • Messaging framework for key target audiences

  • Development of tone of voice and editorial guidelines

Client: DOIY Design

Contemporary product design company

  • Content research

  • Content planning

  • Copywriting - multiple products and topics

Copywriting Agency

  • SEO based content research & planning 

  • Content Strategy process overhaul

  • Brand Strategy

Business Growth Consultancy

  • Development of content plan for 12 launch articles

  • Creation of articles

  • Supporting website copy creation

  • Brand messaging guidance

Client: ThirtyThree

Employee Branding Agency

  • Creation of social media copy 

  • Scripting of video content

  • Creation of social calendar

  • Content strategy & planning 

  • Pitch development

  • Editing & proofreading