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Remember that time there was talk of Idris Elba becoming the next James Bond and there was uproar because, even according to Sir Roger Moore, Elba wasn’t “English” (read: white) enough to play Bond?

Remember that time (this week) when loads of blokes were also in uproar at the first Politics Live show being an all-female panel?

Well… remember that time when I came out of Six the Musical absolutely jubilant at the performance given by the all-female cast, three of whom were women of colour, supported by their all-female band? Well… I do!

Seriously, Six the Musical, written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss is simply incredible. It’s playing until 14th October in the West End and I couldn’t recommend more that you get tickets.

Marlow and Moss have written an astoundingly funny and feminist piece of work. A favourite line of mine being: “I look more rad than your feminism!” Henry VIII’s six wives have come together, transforming Queens to pop princesses (think Tudor Little Mix!) to try to convince the audience which one of them had the worst deal. Each Queen delivers a flawless song and throughout, we are treated to touches of pop, hip – hop and r&b music and dance.

Each individual ‘story’ brings contemporary relevance and context. Forced marriage, sexual harassment, miscarriage, murder: just some of the trauma they describe through their performances. But the most meaningful element is the point at which they all realise that it was them, together, in fact, who made HIM famous. Rather than being pitted against each other to compete, they are stronger together as SIX.

And they could not be any stronger! With such hilarious, sassy and progressive script and songwriting performed by such incredible comic actors and singers, supported by such a talented band… in costumes to die for (see what I did there?) this is one outstanding show.

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