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2018: The year of the ADversity Manifesto

We’ve been a little late in making our new year’s resolutions this time round, but better late than never, eh?

So, why launch the ADversity Manifesto?

We started the ADversity Manifesto in an effort to redress the balance between publishers, brands and the audience online.  

We are a core team of 8 senior digital ad industry experts, grown tired of business as usual and striving to find a way out of the 'race to the bottom' that online advertising is engaged in.

We’re all pragmatists, advocates of advertising done well.

However, while we understand the increasing challenges of shrinking advertiser budgets and low cost ad-tech, we aim to forge a path to creating a sustainable digital economy which provides a better experience for the online audience of today while still providing value and relevance for brand advertisers and not removing a vital revenue stream for publishers.

Brands today are increasingly drawn into advertising practises that no longer inspire their audience or demonstrate much creativity, rather they appear intrusive. Following you on your digital journey with products you’ve already bought and blocking editorial content are just some of these practises centred not on the user but on the need to generate revenue.

Our resolutions for 2018

Perhaps we’re optimists, but we’d love to see some paths being forged towards a more sustainable digital economy...

  • Where content marketing investment continues to grow as brands acknowledge the need to provide value and differentiation to their audience.

  • Where advertisers respect the privacy and the online experience of their prospects and customers.

  • Where ad-tech players focus less on the cheapest rates possible but rather on the value of true engagement and helping educate advertisers and publishers in how to achieve this.

  • Where publishers can continue to drive enough revenue to exist while growing and engaging with their audience, instead of driving them away with a poor user experience.

It’s clear to see that all stakeholders in the digital supply chain have let this situation become too complex, creating a situation where nobody wins. We recognised this from the offset. This new, sustainable, digital economy needs to work for everyone. Equally, everyone needs to take accountability.

In the spirit of accountability, we resolve to:

  • Act as a forum where those of a like mind can discuss this opportunity

  • Host any proposals to help find a solution

  • Educate the players in the digital supply chain

  • Identify areas of poor online audience experience

  • Champion areas of positive online experience

  • Run workshops and events with industry thought-leaders

  • Support and promote audience-first ad tech initiatives

It’s a well known fact that if you tell someone your resolution(s), you’re more likely to stick to the challenge. So here we are. We have big plans for the year ahead, with interviews and events in the making.

Interested in getting involved?

Click here to give us all your personal details and for a chance to win an iPad... (Only joking!) 

Drop us a plain old email to: and let’s start the conversation.

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